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Saturday, February 11, 2017

UPDATED! Mini Lop Sell Out - all pedigreed


Updated 2/14/2017

I am thankful to say that good homes have been secured for ALL of our rabbits!!
Wow... thank you Lord for going before me and making it so clear this was what you want me to do right now and helping me to be obedient!  I am so thankful to have great homes provided for all of my rabbits SO VERY quickly!  It's a little hard to let go but it makes it so much easier when things are working out so perfectly.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Rabbitry News - Rabbits for Sale

It is hard for me to say this but I feel it is time.
For awhile I have felt uncertain as to how much longer I would continue raising rabbits.
It has been a lot of fun.  I have enjoyed the rabbits and I have enjoyed providing nice pets for families.  It's been a fun venture and a great learning experience.
However, I know there is a time and season for everything and I have thought for awhile that this season may possibly be coming to a close soon.  Well, I feel now is the time.  In some ways this makes me sad but I am quite certain it is what I need to do.  My daughters are getting older.  The rabbitry is really my hobby at this point, not theirs.  I feel I need to refocus my time away from different personal hobbies right now to make sure I am in tune with my family and more available.
Therefore I will be beginning to put rabbits from Whitehaven Woods Rabbitry up for sale.
So, if you are interested in getting started raising rabbits or have a particular one of our rabbits that you think you might be interested in purchasing, please feel free to contact me.
In the coming week I will begin to get photos and prices listed.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Update on English Lops

We are hoping for our first litter of English Lops at the end of February!
Parkers Gatlin and WolfSong/Parkers Rapunzel were bred today.
If successful, we anticipate a litter around February 28th.
Kits would be able to go to new homes between 8-10 weeks of age.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Rabbits bonding with other pets

One of the frequently asked questions, when people are looking to acquire a rabbit is:
"Can rabbits get along with other pets?"

 Yes, this is possible.  We have customers who have other pets (dogs or cats)  that have bonded with their rabbit.  Our calico kitty, Lucy, has recently befriended some of the bunnies in our rabbitry.  Obviously, exercise great caution when introducing other animals and do not leave them unattended.  CLICK HERE to see customer photos of rabbits with other pets.

Here is a photo of Lucy with Parker's Gatlin.  I had him out to trim his nails and she jumped right up and plopped down next to him.  After a few moments she sat up and groomed his ear a bit!  Another day she hopped right in the exercise pen with him.  I am very careful to supervise them closely. Lucy wants to play with him and I fear a playful nip or scratch could easily do damage to his lovely ears.

Image may contain: cat

Monday, January 9, 2017

Upcoming Litters - Mini Lop update

I just wanted to add another Mini Lop update:
Tonight both Spirit's Scarlet and Spirit's Xena were bred with Whitehaven's Mango.
Therefore, we will anticipate a litter, hopefully two, in early February.
Spirit's Xena only kindled one kit recently and unfortunately it was dead upon arrival.
She was rebred today.  (*Please know that this is not at all unhealthy for her.  Rabbits are actually more receptive to breeding within a couple days of a lost litter.)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Updates from our Rabbitry

Happy New Year to all!

I wanted to post a couple updates on the happenings here at the rabbitry.

English Lops:
Our English Lop pair is doing great!  They are both so sweet and have settled in great. They are such a endearing breed.  I'm so glad I decided to add them to our rabbitry.
I plan to breed them for the first time in late February.

Mini Lops:
I am anticipating a litter out of Spirit's Xena today!
She has been busy for the last hour getting her nest box ready and today is day 31.
I will post an update when the litter arrives.

Spirit's Scarlet will be bred again soon to Whitehaven's Mango.
I have decided to keep the fawn doe out of their last litter here with us.  I have named her Peaches. Peaches had an eye infection as a young kit.  I kept her around longer to make sure her eye healed up well. In that time I decided she should just stay!☺  She is doing great and such a sweet, friendly girl.
Here is a photo of her:
Whitehaven's Peaches

Spirit's Clementine is going to the home of a fellow rabbit raiser and friend of mine.
I know she will be well taken care of. Unfortunately she has yet been able to have a litter.

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