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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mini Lops - taking reservations soon.

Scarlet's litter will be 5 weeks old this weekend and ready to go to their new homes a couple days before Christmas.  I have already contacted the first two people on the wait list via email.
Unfortunately there are not many bunnies available in this litter.  I wish I had one available for everyone on the wait list right now!!  One of the 4 kits injured her eye when only a couple weeks old and I need to keep her around here for a good while to make sure it heals the best it can. Then much to my surprise the most active/curious kit in the litter died at the beginning of the week.  (This is rare at this age but we have had it happen one time before and both times the only thing we can suspect is suffocation.  They pile up with Momma for sleeping at night!)

We are waiting to see if we get a litter out of Whitehaven's Clementine mid-December.  If we do, those that remain on the wait list will be notified and still in line!
If you are looking to purchase a rabbit sooner than we will have some available, we understand.
Please just let me know if you'd like to have your name removed from the wait list.



Monday, November 28, 2016

Photos of our new English Lops!

Last night we welcomed our first pair of English Lops!
We will be breeding this pair when they mature.
Thanks to Sheree White for these two beauties.

This is the first I have held and interacted with English Lops!  Wow.  They are big rabbits and those ears!
They have such a unique beauty about them.

The doe is definitely the more outgoing of the two.  They are getting acquainted with us and enjoying having turns running around in the exercise pen.

This is WolfSong/Parker's Rapunzel.  She is a tort colored doe.  She is 6 months old.

This is Parker's #P909 (name to be decided).  He is a blue colored buck.  He is just over 10 months old.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Play time - Photos!

Our current litter had fun in the play area this morning, getting lots of holding and petting from Carlie.
They are 3 1/2 weeks old out of Spirit's Scarlet & Whitehaven's Mango.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Retiring this sweet buck! Looking for good pet home!

I'm retiring this sweet buck. He's fathered most of the litters at our rabbitry and I've been so pleased with him.  Many that follow our site have a kit that he fathered.  He's shy until he knows you, but once he's acquainted, he loves to be pet and get attention.
He is only 3 1/2 years old and has not had any health issues whatsoever.  He has never sprayed once while here at our rabbitry.  He's got such a sweet, chubby face.

I'd love to find him an indoor home where he can be spoiled with attention.
He has not been around young children so I am desiring a home with older responsible children, or a companion for adults.
$40 for pet home
If you are interested please email me whitehavenwoodsrabbitry@gmail.com

Exciting news! The English are coming... English Lops that is!

I am excited to announce that our rabbitry is adding a pair of pedigreed English Lops to our rabbitry! From what I can see there are no other breeders of English Lops in middle to northern Indiana.  I am excited to bring this breed to the area!

NOTE:  We will still be raising pedigreed Mini Lops too!

About English Lops:

English Lops are one of the oldest breeds of domestic rabbits still in existence.
They weigh in around 10-11 pounds  or more (that's right quite a bit more than Mini Lops!)
They are known for their incredibly long ears, mandolin shaped body, and their puppy dog personality.  People either find them odd looking or beautifully intriguing!

A pedigreed pair will be arriving in one week.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Photo update - Kits out of Spirit's Scarlet & Whitehaven's Mango

Here are a couple photos taken yesterday in the rabbitry.
First photo is Whitehaven's Mango and his son.
Second photo is of a black doe from this same litter.

Whitehaven Woods Rabbitry

Whitehaven Woods Rabbitry

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